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Easy Pineapple Mango Li Hing Mui Cupcake Recipe

Easy Pineapple Mango Li Hing Mui Cupcake Recipe

pineapple mango cupcake snack hawaii

This recipe was submitted by our friends at Just Cake Me in San Diego!


PREP TIME : 30 mins

COOK TIME : 15 mins





FAT: 3.5g


  1. Make your vanilla cake mix as instructed on the box. Fold in drained crushed pineapples and pineapple extract at the end. Bake into cupcake molds as instructed in box.
  2. Take your favorite vanilla frosting and add 3 tbsp of the mango butter, mango extract, and 1 tsp lihing mui powder. Mix until combined. This will be the mango buttercream.
  3. Take your favorite dried pineapple and mango and mix in 2 tbsp of the lihing mui powder. Toss until well combined.
  4. Frost the pineapple cupcakes, with the mango buttercream leaving a hole in the middle. Pipe 1 tsp of mango butter inside. Top it off with 1 piece of lihing pineapple and 1 piece of lihing mango. Sprinkle additional lihing on top and it’s done!

cupcakes with li hing mui powder on the side in a bowl

Doesn't that sound amazing?! Make sure to follow Just Cake Me on Instagram and if you're in San Diego check out their website!

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Toni Lee - October 1, 2021

Please send me recipes
Or where can I orde

Marien - October 1, 2021

Makes me want to bake, even though we still have stuffy Southern summer!

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