Big Island Bees Organic Wilelaiki Honey

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With an ambrosial and subtle spicy flavor and a light amber color, Organic Wilelaiki Blossom honey is a favorite of gourmets and cooks for its versatility and flavorful finish. Also called "the Christmas berry blossom", Wilelaiki honey is difficult to find outside of South America. This raw, organic honey is unheated and unfiltered, to preserve the natural sugars and enzymes necessary for full-bodied flavor and complete nutrition. Since this is a natural, raw honey, it will crystallize over time or at cooler temperatures. To return this honey to a liquid state, simply heat the jar in warm water, stirring to smooth the texture. No honey should be fed to infants 12 months or younger.

  • Organic Wilelaiki (Christmas Berry) Honey
  • Raw, Unheated, and Unfiltered honey
  • Made on the Big Island of Hawaii

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