Big Island Bees Organic Ohia Lehua Blossom Honey

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One of the world's rarest honeys, organic Ohi'a Lehua honey (also known as Lehua honey) is found only in Hawaii, and is produced in late spring and early summer from Lehua blossoms in the Ohi'a forests of Mauna Loa. It is a white, crystallized honey, with a naturally thick, spreadable texture, and a delicate, understated floral flavor. Ideal for tea drinkers, since it doesn't mask the taste of the tea, it is also excellent for spreading on toast, mixing with nut butters, and scooping directly from the jar!

According to Hawaiian legend, picking the Ohi'a-Lehua blossom will cause rain, representing the tears shed by princess Lehua as a result of being separated from her lover, Ohia. This honey is perfect to serve with fresh fruit or tea, and would also be perfect for wedding favors!

  • Raw, Unheated and Unfiltered
  • Made from the Ohia-Lehua blossom
  • Mild taste and creamy texture
  • Made on the Big Island of Hawaii, USA
  • Serve with fresh fruit, tea, coffee or goat cheese
  • Do not feed to infants under one year old

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