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Individually Wrapped Candy for Halloween in 2024

Individually Wrapped Candy for Halloween in 2024

With Halloween fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about what you will give out to trick-or-treaters.

In the past, having a big pumpkin head shape bowl of unwrapped candy sitting ready for little hands to grab from was a popular choice. In 2024, this is no longer an option, and parents have been quoted as training their children to ask for 'safe treats' (it's a crazy time alright).

No child likes going home with a bag full of candy they can't eat (or a bag full of tricks). If you're looking for an easy, parent-loving solution for Halloween treats this year, look no further than Snack Hawaii and our sweet selection of individually wrapped candies that will leave you the talk of the neighborhood!

Spooky (Individually Wrapped) Hawaii Snacks For Trick-or-Treaters

Trick-or-treaters don't need to be disappointed when they knock at your door. Get ready to be the 'Queen or King of Halloween' when you and your giant pumpkin bowl appear with these individually wrapped goodies that parent's will have no problem letting their little ghouls, skeletons, witches and superheroes gobble up.

3D Gummy Pineapple - Fun Pak


Get 40 individually wrapped sweet tiny pineapples in our 3D Gummy Pineapple Fun Pak. These sweet little treats aren't only mouth-watering, they actually look (and taste) just like tiny little Hawaiian pineapples!

Li Hing Mui Drops (Golden Plum) - 16 oz


This one pound bag of tiny delights is perfect for trick-or-treaters who like something a little more sour than sweet, with just the right amount of salty and tangy flavors! The classic taste of Hawaii comes in an individually wrapped and easy to eat on the go size that is crunchy on the outside and bursts with li hing mui in the center.

Chimes Toasted Coconut Toffee Candy with Sea Salt


Forget about the kids, parents will be dressing up as groovy ghouls to get their hands on these little treasures.

Made with freshly pressed coconut milk and cooked with caramelized cane sugar to create a toasty toffee that will tango on your tongue, these treats will guarantee your invite to the next Superbowl party!

Gummy Blocks - Individual Fun Paks


What do you get when you combine lego with gummy candy? Gummy Blocks! These candies are for the trick or treat giver who likes to make the kids scream (with excitement!!).

Each individually wrapped pack contains 8-10 brightly colored gummy blocks, just full or fruity-flavored goodness.

A Special Halloween Treat For Snack Hawaii Lovers

Halloween wouldn't be special if we didn't hand out a little surprise of our own. Get 60% off selected snacks with our Halloween Sale! Simply click here to shop for your Halloween treats.

Having your own Halloween Party?

Thinking of having your own Halloween Party? Why not sprinkle in a bit of Aloha with one of our Hawaiian Party Boxes?


A 25 pack of our top sellers is delivered to your door, ready for your party guests to devour with delight. And, they are shipped free to anywhere in the US!


From the team at Snack Hawaii, wishing everyone a Happy SPOOKTAKULAR Halloween! And don't forget, if you get a Snack Hawaii treat given to you, tag us on Instagram @snackhawaii

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