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9 Health Benefits Of Eating Ginger Chews or Ginger Candy

9 Health Benefits Of Eating Ginger Candy

The words ‘benefits’ and ‘candy’ are rarely spoken together. But we’re here to break stereotypes and tell you that there are healthy candy types that will help you fight bacteria and viruses, put motion sickness to an end, and improve your immunity.

With holiday season fast approaching, people will be traveling distances by car, boat and plane to visit loved ones for Xmas and New Year; and with travel comes.....motion sickness, eating & drinking too much of what we shouldn't, and over-indulging.

However, did you know there is a natural little treat that may just help you feel much better when you're feeling a little under the weather?

Meet Ginger Candy from Snack Hawaii. It will not only tame a sweet tooth but improve your health due to the positive effect of natural ginger on your body. There’s a reason some people like ginger tea so much!

In this article, we’ll remind you of the main advantages of the root and inspire you to incorporate it into your day-to-day life as an ingredient of your tea or a delicious candy.

Disclaimer: We do not encourage people with an allergy to ginger to consume it.

1: Germ-Fighting

Fresh ginger (Zingiber officinale) helps your body to get rid of redundant and potentially harmful bacteria. Include ginger into your everyday meals and water, and you may just keep the doctor away (who said that saying was only about apples?)

Ginger has also been proven to help fight shigella, E.coli, and other bacteria that lead to all kinds of diseases.

This powerful root helps your immune system stay clean and healthy, protecting you from germs.

2: Nausea Calming

If you have frequent morning sickness due to pregnancy, seasickness or motion sickness, ginger may help you calm it down. It reduces nausea by eliminating extra gas in your intestines. 

In any pharmacy you’ll find most of the treatments for motion or travel sickness contain ginger.

Traveling soon and prone to motion sickness? Get yourself some Chimes Original Ginger Chews to keep the nausea at bay.

3: Lowering Blood Sugar

A Ginger and Blood Sugar study was conducted recently that created a hypothesis that ginger can ‘teach’ your body how to use insulin to lower blood sugar better. Of course, more research is necessary to check the theory and put it into practice.

However, it may become a large part of your diet for diabetes prevention or remission. You need to consult your doctor before making such decisions yourself.

4: Arthritis Symptom Aid

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, ginger may help relieve symptoms of most diseases, from the common cold to arthritis. As for the latter, it has been widely reported to provide relief for people who suffer from;

  • Osteoarthritis;
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

The root may ease the pain and reduce swelling if you take it as tea, in a meal, as a candy, or if you put a compress on a sore part of the body.

5: Mouth Hygiene Boost

Brightly white teeth and fewer bacteria in the mouth are guaranteed if you eat ginger at least every other day. And we’re talking not only about the quality of your breath and teeth whiteness. 

Harmful bacteria may lead to periodontal disease which may lead to tragic consequences. It’s a gum infection that is treated for a long time and brings lots of inconveniences into the life of a patient.

6: Sore Muscle Healer

If you’re a regular at the gym, you know what sore muscles feel like. The next time you work so hard that your body is in pain the next morning, try eating some ginger. It won’t get rid of the aches completely, but you will feel much more relieved.

There was a study conducted that showed two groups of people who enjoy regular exercise after training. One group ate ginger and felt much better in terms of muscle soreness than the other.

Even though we recommend sugar in moderation, try munching on a piece of Sweet Crystalized Ginger after a workout to help those sore muscles, and boost that energy.

7: Slowing Cancer Growth

Ginger has bioactive molecules detected as a result of studies that may be helpful with halting cancer cell growth or slowing it down. They may help with the following types of the disease:

  • Gastric;
  • Skin;
  • Liver;
  • Colorectal;
  • Breast;
  • Ovarian;
  • Prostate.

More studies are necessary to prove the hypothesis, but we’re getting there. After all, ginger has antioxidants. So, it may prevent cancer as well.

8: Indigestion Aid

Try eating ginger before meals to aid indigestion. It helps the food move through the system faster, relieving unpleasant symptoms and helping to recover faster. You can eat ginger candy, drink tea, warm water with honey and some of the root, or add the spice to your meals.

Make sure your doctor doesn’t restrict your intake before trying this remedy.

9: Bad Cholesterol Lowering

LDL or ‘bad’ cholesterol is the one all health magazines are encouraging you to cut from your diet. Ginger will help reduce its levels by about 30 points on average. There was a study involving a focus group that ate 5 g of the root every day for 90 days. Most participants have seen a drop by around 30 points. Some lost more, some less, but the effect is clear.

Where to Buy Ginger Candy?

From Snack Hawaii of course! We are the official Ginger Candy Kings of Hawaii, where you are guaranteed to find every type of ginger candy to soothe ginger loving taste buds and those needing a tasty little health snack.

Shop Ginger Candy now at Snack Hawaii.

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