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5 Ways to Eat Spam

5 Ways to Eat Spam

“Hawaiian steak” aka Spam can be found in almost every cupboard in Hawaii. It’s estimated that Hawaii’s 1.5 million residents eat about 7 million cans of spam a year! Tourists must be eating at least a million of those cans though, right? And maybe all of our grandmother’s are hoarding another 3 million in their hurricane kits, because do any of you eat 7 cans of spam each year? If you do, then you have definitely eaten the following.

1. Spam Musubi. Is there anything better to eat at the beach than a spam musubi? Whether you make your own, or pick up a few at 7-11, Spam musubi is always a winner.

2. Fried Rice. You can’t have fried rice without little chunks of spam, egg, and onion. Fun fact: South Korea is the largest consumer of Spam outside of the USA. Spam is considered a high-end meat product there, and is used in Bbudae Jjigae or Army stew and Kimchi fried rice. Spam gift sets are also very popular, and having Spam in your home is a sign of wealth. And honestly, same. The price of spam continues to go up every year and some grocery stores in Hawaii have resorted to locking it up behind glass cases to prevent theft!!

3. Zip Pacs wouldn’t be the same without spam. The next time you fly to the mainland, don’t forget your Zip Pac. While everyone else is eating tasteless airplane food, you’ll be grinding down on some fried chicken, spam and teri beef. Winnahs!

Mcdonalds Hawaii Local Breakfast Platter

PC: Youtube user kevinsyoza. Check out his video to see the beauty of spam up close.

4. Local Style Breakfast. Even McDonald’s knows what’s up. Their Hawaiian local breakfast platter includes Spam, Rice, Portuguese Sausage and Eggs.

5. Saimin. People on the mainland eat ramen. Ramen is a fad, saimin is life. Nothing beats a hot bowl of saimin topped with green onion, egg, spam, and kamaboko. Excuse me while I run to Shiros and order a #55.

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Catherine Louise Brawley - July 7, 2021

I Love Spam!! Not to be confused with Treet Luncheon meat! Grew up eating it in multiple dishes. How I miss the Zip Pacs and Saimin!

Scott Turner - July 19, 2019

What happened to loco moco

James John - July 19, 2019

These whole things sure makes me hungry 😬

Jim Craig - March 24, 2018

I use spam as a staple in my emergency food storage pantry. Long life, and good taste. I also use it when backpacking. Small stove for me. I like it with chunky pineapple, and/or BBQ sauce.

Joanne - July 9, 2017

Yes I agree with Spam eaters all around. I was raised on Spam, coming from Hawaii. Love it, and although it is a processed meat product and my doctor says to stay away from processed foods, I simply can’t. There a lot more ways to prepare it and I like it a lot, lot, lot. Aloha

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