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Free USA Shipping on orders $65+ & Free Gift with $100+ purchase

Li Hing Mui

Most of us have eaten Li Hing Mui all our lives, but have you ever wondered just how it got its name? It’s the phonetic pronunciation of the Chinese character 旅行梅 (leoi5 hang4 mui4), and its literal translation is “traveling plum.”

Indulge in Li Hing Mui powder, a popular flavor that captures the essence of Hawaii. Savor the sweet, salty, and sour taste of Li Hing Mui candy, from classic favorites to an array of new and exciting snacks. 

Enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of Li Hing Mui and explore our collection of gummies and crack seeds. There’s more to our collection than  Li Hing Mui candy. 

All of our Li Hing Mui snacks are made with high-quality ingredients to satisfy your cravings. Whether you're a longtime fan or new to the Li Hing Mui craze, this collection has something for everyone. 

Explore our collection and discover the delicious world of Li Hing Mui snacks.

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