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Get 15% off your order with code: SPRING15 + Free USA Shipping on orders $100+
Hawaii Care Package Ideas

Hawaii Care Package Ideas

  • Hawaiian Salt and Liquid Smoke. That’s pretty much all you need to make Kalua Pork at home. One of the easiest and tastiest Hawaiian dishes you can make, Kalua with or without cabbage, will give your loved one a little taste of home.
  • NOH seasoning packets. We love the Hawaiian Poke Mix* and the Hawaiian Style Curry. The poke mix comes with Ogo seaweed and chili pepper. All you need is some fresh fish and green onion and you’re good to go. The Curry seasoning is the only one around that doesn’t have MSG. Tastes just like L&L!

  • Kona Coffee. Whether you get Vanilla Mac Nut or 100% Kona, you can’t go wrong. It’s the tastiest coffee around, and nothing compares to it.

  • Cuttlefish or Dried Ahi Jerky. The stinkier the fish, the better. Warn non-Hawaiians before opening a bag though!
  • Hawaiian calendars. A little cheesy, but still one of the best gifts around. It’s lightweight, easy to pack, and costs less than a $1. Also, it’s nice to show your office mates that you come from the most beautiful place on earth.

  • Li Hing Mui anything! A little bag of Li Hing powder lasts for quite a while if sprinkled on fruit or added to margaritas. As for Li Hing gummy candies, get the large bag. A small bag will usually be inhaled in under a minute.

  • Hawaiian Sun Juice mix. Everyone drank Hawaiian Sun as a kid, and none of us will ever forget the taste of Passion Orange or Pass-O-Guava. One packet makes about a quart, just enough to bring back memories of the Manapua man or the little mom and pop store you used to buy it at as a kid.

  • Kakimochi and Furikake. You can buy microwave popcorn just about anywhere, but it won’t be complete without the kakimochi! With these two ingredients, anyone can make Hurricane Popcorn at home!

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ELaine HElmstetter - April 5, 2017

How do you make lomi salmon. Can you get poi to Florida?

Melody Fennell - December 13, 2016


Jo - November 13, 2016

Yes I move to the mainland and miss the all grindz from back home. So I compromise and I learn how to make our own local grinds. Like kalua pig and lomi salmon, poke and kalbi ribs and even Chantilly cake just to mention a few. When you put Aloha into everything you do and make, it all comes out good. Thank you for your website, it only makes it easier for us mainlanders who miss home very much.

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