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Free USA Shipping on orders $65+ & Free Gift with $100+ purchase
10 Great Gift Ideas for Hawaii Graduates

10 Great Gift Ideas for Hawaii Graduates

Manu with graduation leis

1. Leis.  Lots and lots of leis. Flower, candy, or money, just make sure your graduate can barely see and breathe. If you can't be with them in person, you can still mail them one! Packing suitcase
2. Suitcases and packing cubes. Your graduate is about to embark on college or real life. Either way, they’ll need luggage to get there and packing cubes will help keep all their gear and gifts organized.
It's all about the money

3. MONEY! The best gift of all. Life is expensive YO! From textbooks to electronics, cold hard cash comes in handy.                     Bose noise cancellers4. Noise cancelling headphones. Dorm life is loud and unpredictable. Noise cancellers will help your graduate focus on studying and not on their roommates snoring. They’re also great for travel and gaming.

Amazon prime

5. Amazon Prime. Seriously, is there anyone who wouldn’t want to be gifted a year of Prime? If your grad is staying in the islands, he or she will thank you for helping them save an arm and a leg, the usual cost of shipping items to Hawaii. Prime also includes free streaming movies and music, and discounts on ebooks.Japanese Rice cooker
6. Rice Cooker. If you can cook rice, you will never starve. It’s a basic life skill anyone from Hawaii should have. A small three-cup cooker is perfect for making spam musubis in your dorm. If you’re desperate enough, you can also make saimin and a number of other surprising things in your rice cooker.

Hawaiian heirloom jewelry

7. Gold jewelry is how we mark important life events in Hawaii. A gold bracelet or pendant with a personal message or date engraved on the back is the perfect memento for this special occasion.

8. Gift cards. Walmart, Target, Starbucks, Snack Hawaii, really the list could go on and on. Give your grad the gift of choice.Aloha snapback

9. Local clothing, so that they can represent the 808 State in style. There are so many great options. From t-shirts to hats to slippers, when your grad slips on your gift they’ll be reminded of home. Also, their Locals Only slippers will be a beacon that will help other Hawaiian students find them.

Yummy gummy gift bag

10. Yummy Gummy! Ok, maybe not for graduation, but this would be a great gift midyear to give your grad on the mainland just as they’re getting the homesick blues. It’ll give them a boost to help them make it through the year.


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