Soft Sweet Red Li Hing Mui

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You asked for it, so here they are! We have a limited stock of extra soft Red Li Hing Mui. We will bring in more depending on demand. 

Red Li Hing Mui are dried Asian plums with a sweet, sour, salty flavor. You may remember picking these out of big glass jars at the Crack Seed shop back in the day. Eat one with a lemon for one of the best flavor combinations around and to fight off scratchy throats. Warning:  May cause you lips to pucker and your face to scrunch up, cause dis buggah is salty! 

** Product of Taiwan but packed in Hawaii.

The exact color, size, and taste of our products may vary due to nature and/or the personal taste of the manufacturer. Prices may change without notice and stock may run out at anytime.

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