Li Hing Everything Snack Box 3-pk SALE Bundle

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$ 209.99
$ 139.99

Sometimes you want something sweet and sometimes you want something salty. The Li Hing Everything Snack Box will fill all your cravings! With an assortment of 6 Li Hing Mui Candies and 6 Crack Seed, you get a dozen of your favorite snacks in one box.

This Sale Bundle includes THREE snack boxes - One for you and two to share!

Box Includes:

  1. Li Hing Mui Mango 4 oz
  2. Li Hing Mui Ginger 3 oz
  3. Seedless Li Hing Mui Cherry 2.75 oz
  4. Red Seedless Li Hing Mui 1.25 oz
  5. Sweet Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  6. Li Hing Mui Peach Strips 3 oz
  1. Li Hing Mui Strawberry Belts 2.7 oz
  2. Li Hing Mui Sour Patch Kids 3.5 oz
  3. Li Hing Mui Gummy Lychee 3.5 oz
  4. Li Hing Mui Gummy Bears 4 oz
  5. Li Hing Mui Sour Watermelon 3.5 oz
  6. Li Hing Mui Brite Crawlers 3.5 oz


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