Green Forest 100% Kona Coffee French Roast - 6 oz

$ 35.99

Gourmet 100% Kona Private Reserve Coffee is comprised of the largest, most flavorful Kona coffee beans we can find. It is grown with the utmost attention to quality at every stage: hand-picked, air dried and small batch roasted to perfection just prior to shipping. 

Our French Roast is a bit different from what you may find at a coffee chain or your supermarket. Many "French Roasts" are actually burned coffee that offers the major wholesalers and chains to hide the taste of the lower grade coffee they buy. As such, many coffee aficionados will point out that some of the big chains serve "burnt" coffee. At Green Forest, we have a proprietary process that includes small batches, high tech roasters and the ever-vigilant eyes of our master roasters to ensure that our French Roast is not burned. Our French Roast beans will have some of the natural oils of the coffee bean on the surface.

Choose either GROUND or WHOLE BEAN.

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