Li Hing Mui Crack Seed Assortment Gift Box 3-Pack SALE Bundle

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 3-Pack SALE Bundle 

For all you crack seed lovers out there, we have created the ultimate gift set. Mouth watering and sure to satisfy, this collection includes a dozen of our most popular products. Comes in a custom printed Snack Hawaii box. Order for yourself, or send one to a homesick Hawaiian living on the mainland or serving overseas.

Set includes:

  1. Red Li Hing Mui 3 oz
  2. Sweet Li Hing Mui 2.5 oz
  3. Sweet Seedless Li Hing Mui (White) 1.25 oz
  4. Red Seedless Li Hing Mui 1.25 oz
  5. Dried Seedless Plum 3 oz
  6. Li Hing Mui Mango 4 oz
  7. Lemon Strip 3 oz
  8. Li Hing Mui Ginger 3 oz
  9. Li Hing Mui Cherry 3 oz
  10. Dried Lemon 3 oz
  11. Li Hing Mui Peach Strips 3 oz
  12. Seedless Li Hing Cherry 2.75 oz

*Items are subject to change based on availability. 


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