Big Island Bees Organic Hawaiian Lehua Honey with Vanilla Bean - 9 oz

$ 24.99

NEW! Big Island Bees has combined the bounty of rare, Ohia Lehua honey and ground Organic Vanilla Beans to create a delicate, distinct honey with the perfumed fragrance and flavor of vanilla. Found only in Hawaii, the Lehua blossom produces a white, smoothly crystallized honey that tastes like no other.  Organic Vanilla Beans come from hand-pollinated plants and add a creamy, sweet dimension.


Big Island Bees adhere to the principles of the slow food movement and believe that foods should be produced carefully and savored. But above all, they believe that nature’s purest foods are also the healthiest and most flavorful. Pesticide and herbicide residues in non-organic honey can taint the flavor and commercially processed methods of packing honey remove and destroy the pollen, enzymes and other compounds that give raw honey its taste and beneficial properties.

They produce all of their honey artisanally and organically without the use of artificial feeds, chemical miticides, heat, or filtration and only use organic compounds to care for their bees.

Both ‘Ohi’a Lehua and Wilelaiki honey varietals are certified organic by the International Certification Services, Inc.

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