Kauai Coffee Vanilla Macadamia Nut K-Cup

$ 24.99

Breathe out all the stress and breathe in a moment of peace with every sip of Kauai Coffee. Kauai Coffee begins on the Hawaiian Island of Kauai, where for 30 years our orchard of coffee trees has thrived in the rich, volcanic soil of our Koloa Estate. 

Subtly layered flavors of premium vanilla bean and toasted macadamia nut will transport you to your happy place.

  • Each box contains 12 single-serves compatible with the Keurig® brewing system
  • Contains 25% Kauai Coffee blended with Arabica Coffee
  • An 8 ounce cup of coffee from a single-serve pod contains between 100-140 mg of caffeine
  • The Filter CupTM uses less plastic, making it the eco-friendly, smarter choice for the environment

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