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Live Long and Prosper by Drinking Coffee


Sometimes the only thing that motivates me to wake up in the morning is the promise of a steaming hot cup of coffee. That first warming sip of delicious goodness takes the sleep out of my eyes and flips the on switch in my brain.

And now, according to a study done by Harvard, we all have even more reasons to continue with our coffee addictions. According to the study, people who drink three to five cups of coffee a day – regular or decaf – lower their risk of premature death by up to 15 percent. The study was conducted over a 30 year period with more than 200,000 participants. Non-smokers, and non-drinkers had the lowest mortality risks.

Over the years, researchers have also said that coffee lovers are less likely to contract cardiovascular disease, neurological diseases, type 2 diabetes, and depression. (As if we needed any more reasons to collect points at Starbucks!)

So if you’re debating whether or not to have that morning cup of joe, or perhaps that mid-morning or after lunch pick me up, do it! And then brag about how healthy you are.

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