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Hawaiian Loco Moco - The Crazy Booger

Hawaiian Loco Moco - The Crazy Booger

Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea and L&L Keauhou Loco Mocos.

A friend who speaks Spanish recently told me that Loco Moco means Crazy Booger. What?!? Can you imagine what Spanish speaking tourists think when they come here and find out how much Hawaiians love to eat Loco Moco? Hawaiians are Booger Crazy!

But it got me thinking, just where did we get the name from? Well, it turns out Loco Moco originated in Hilo on the Big Island. In 1949, the Lincoln Grill supposedly got requests from high school students to make something cheap and fast to eat. The owners, Richard & Nancy Inouye, listened to the teenagers’ requests and scooped some rice in a bowl, topped it with a hamburger patty, and covered it in gravy. Tada! (The over easy egg came later.) When they asked the kids what they should call it, they chose to name it after a boy nicknamed Loco. They added on “moco” simply because it rhymed and sounded good.

Just another example of how local people love to mash things from different cultures together. It’s also proof that we truly are the melting pot of snacks and all things yummy! And now that I've made myself hungry, I know what I'm making for dinner!

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