Hawaii Celebrities Favorite Local Snacks

Hawaii Celebrities Favorite Local Snacks

We asked local celebrities:

"What's your favorite local snack?"

“Hard to think of just one 🤣. I love food. A favorite is Dried Aku.” – Manaola Yap, Fashion Designer

“Aloha! Li Hing Mui Sour Patch Kids and LHM Sour Watermelons 🍉 soooooo good.” – Lynn Kawano, Hawaii News Now Reporter

“I like anything raw for snacks (Crab, Dry Aku), Shave Ice, popcorn and mochi crunch.” – Augie T., Comedian and DJ

“Mine is Li Hing seeds. Sweet or salty ones (are) my favorites.” – Konishiki Yasokichi, Legendary Sumo Wrestler

“Anything lihingmui for me!!” – Stevie Tu’ikolovatu, NFL Player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Beronica - September 20, 2019


Kaohu - August 23, 2018

Poke and Poi! Or maybe dats not one snack? LOL

Hanalei Kau'i Chong - August 23, 2018

Red Coconut Balls with Ling Hing Mui powder, yes that’s the boom!

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