Tamalitoz Variety Pack

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If you like bland and subtle, keep moving… Tamalitoz is a flavor explosion that will take your tastebuds on a journey from sweet, to heat and everything in between. 

Variety Pack includes:

  • Lip Smacking Mango. Let us flirt with your taste buds and take them on a tropical trip. Enjoy the flavor of natural mango candy with just a hint of heat.  This is one of the more traditional Mexican-inspired flavors. It’s a little like those mango lollipops that are covered with chili powder, but Tamalitoz are pulled and stretched like taffy, to give them that “melt in your mouth” crunch you only find in handcrafted candy.
  • Tamarind! it’s the flavor that Mexican candy traditionally does best. We hope you will discover it for yourself and understand why Tamarind can be so “Tantalizing”. It’s not the most beautiful of fruits (sorry tamarind, but it's what’s inside that counts). but you sure do taste amazing. If we had to describe the flavor of Tamarind it is tangy almost smokey with a hint of earthiness. 
  • Divine Watermelon. It  has the perfect mix of sweet and heat, colored with beet powder and spirulina extract, and flavored with natural watermelon flavors. Once you try it you will understand why we called it Divine.

Each bag is 4 oz. 

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