Hawaiian Honey with Honeycomb

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A delectable 2” x 4” chunk of our exquisite - Hawaiian Comb Honey, smothered in our well-renowned liquid gold-Hawaiian Honey.  You can go either way when saving the best for last - use up the liquid honey first, or eat the comb right after opening, get the best of both in one jar!

Our Hawaiian Honey is of multi-floral composition, consisting mainly of nectars from the indigenous Ohia tree, thus creating a light, rich, yet subtle flavor - common characteristics of Lehua honey, with a delightfully distinctive twist.   Our original and most popular product, we pride ourselves in its clarity and smoothness and although it's been ‘gently filtered’, it is still pure and has not been heated, blended, or treated.  

Our liquid honey compliments a wide variety of food and recipes and makes a healthy addition or alternative to many snacks and appetizers.  Sweeten your coffee or tea; drizzle it on your fruits, cheese, or oats, or; just have it straight up as a pre-work boost, the possibilities are endless! 

  • 20 oz glass jar
  • Do not feed to infants under one year old

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