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    5 Ways to Use Li Hing Mui Powder

    1. As a shave ice topping. No matter what flavors you choose, Li Hing sprinkled on top is a winner!! Check out Country Shave Ice in Kaimuki. They make organic syrups, so we can feel a little better about eating...

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    Kona Coffee: From French King to French Press

    So just what do a French king, a Hawaiian governor and a priest have to do with Kona coffee? Quite a lot actually. Coffee beans are originally from the continent of Africa, but coffee lore says that an enterprising French...

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    Hawaiian Style Mac Salad Recipe

    As we head out to picnic and BBQ this Fourth of July weekend, just wanted to share one of my favorite recipes. In Hawaii, BBQ meat needs to be eaten with mac salad. They go hand in hand, just like...

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